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I still don’t know / todavía no sé

i still don’t know how in the harsh night such tenderness could spring or how many times I’ve turned away from knowing I still haven’t found a simple song to leave outside your window and I’ve prayed to the wind

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there’s this place/ hay un lugar

there’s a place where the rusted edge of all this grief is stripped clean this place where every reflection is still and so clear you can see your heart breaking at the same time as you see yourself walking away

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Imagine/ Imagine

what more could we wish for each day is a temple each moment a prayer a feather we make our wings this way preparing for heaven imagine the view ————— que más pudieramos desear? cada día es un templo cada

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Surrender/ la rendicion

in all the broken places sow courage in all the darkness sow patience in all the confusion sow harmony where there is deception, sow hope we are always in the arms of freedom always in the midst of transformation where

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pink moon/ la luna rosa

the pink moon is the first full moon of spring I think of you but it’s as if everything was in water and my heart is a wave and your heart is the shore and we sing together we howl

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You never know/ no sabe nunca

You could write about the dog and the purse, she said she was hallucinating and there was a dream and something about a duck and spell check and the thing is you never know anything about how consciousness flows you

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the sounds of the world/ los sonidos del mundo

the the sounds of the world reiterate the sounds of the heart, our cries and our prayers are equal, our tears and our laughter everything lifts us up to God an awareness is within us that surrounds us there is

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